Aug 02 2012

How Is Technology Being Used on Colleges Campuses?

Software, hardware, research and communication are changing rapidly, thanks to advances in technology.

We’ve already discussed the incredible impact of the Internet on higher education, but this infographic takes it to another level. Online Colleges has taken a look at not just the Internet but all technology that colleges students are using. They have broken this infographic into six sections to make it more digestible:

  1. Preferred Learning Environment: How is technology changing the ways students want to learn?
  2. Most Important Software and Applications: Word processing still leads the way as the most popular software application, but increasingly technology is turning students to wikis and forums for activities such as research.
  3. How Often Technology Is Used: Is technology underutilized at colleges?
  4. Internet Access: Almost everyone has access at this point, but speed and the type of connection are becoming more important for students.
  5. The Most Important Sites: Google and Facebook lead the way for students, but what other site are students engaging with?
  6. The Use of Social Networking for Education Purposes: How do students communicate with their professors?

Dive into the data with this great infographic from Online Colleges.

Technology on College Campuses

This infographic originally appeared on Online Colleges.