Jul 16 2012

Summer Jobs for College Students [Infographic]

Employment is harder than ever to come by, but there are still opportunities for students.

It’s true that jobs are tough to come by these days, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for college students during the summer. In 1990, almost 70 percent of Americans ages 16–24 were employed, while just 48.9 percent were employed in 2010. In addition to fewer paid positions, college students are increasingly choosing to spend their summer months studying abroad or working unpaid internships.

If you are in college and want to work, retail and the food-service industry are the places to search. As of 2010, businesses such as restaurants, hotels and fast-food chains employed 3.8 million students. Retail was close behind, employing 3.7 million students in malls, local retail shops and big-box stores.

The infographic below shows employment options for college students, as well as a few other alternatives.

Summer Jobs for College Students

This infographic originally appeared on CreditDonkey.