Jul 24 2012

The Incredible Impact of the Internet on Higher Education [Infographic]

College students are among the leading adapters of technology.

Young people are eager users of technology, especially when it makes their schoolwork easier. College students are driving their schools to implement more and more technology in the classroom, in the library and across the entire campus.

But what is it they want? The infographic below gives us a glimpse into the mind of today’s college student. According to SEO.com, 93 percent of students search online rather than go to the library, and Wikipedia is the most used research resource. We recently posted an article about how to use Google to find credible, citable sources and how to use Wikipedia to find sources and bibliographies. These collections of information are literally at the fingertips (or thumbs, if we are talking smartphones) of nearly every college student, and the continued reliance on these sites raises the question of whether professors should allow them to be used.

The Internet is changing more than the way students research. Social media, websites and online courses are also hot topics for students and educators. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

Impact of the Internet on HIgher Education

This infographic originally appeared on SEO.com.

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