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Jun 22 2012

What Is the Relationship Between Students and Their Technology? [Infographic]

Study indicates that students are showing the way.

The EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research published the study (below) in 2011 as an update to their 2006 study. The results of the survey are striking and indicate that colleges should be looking to their students for guidance. Of the 3,000 students surveyed, 43 percent felt that their institution needed to use more technology, and 51 percent felt that they knew more about technology than their professors. Perhaps this isn’t a shocking finding, but it verifies that schools are right to continue investing in technology, whether it’s software, hardware or training.

More important than the technology itself is the opportunity it creates for a better learning experience. And if students believe they can learn more — and more efficiently — with added technology, shouldn’t we provide it?

College Students and Technology

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This infographic originally appeared on EDUCAUSE, one of our 50 Must-Read Higher Education IT Blogs.