Jun 26 2012

6 Higher Education Hashtags to Follow on Twitter

How to find the most relevant higher education news.

Based on our interviews with our must-read IT bloggers, Twitter is the social network of choice for the higher education community. According to Karine Joly of collegewebeditor.com, Twitter offers more value to the technology community than other platforms:

The game changer for me was Twitter. It’s the way I keep in touch with the higher ed web community, ask questions and even sometimes take a break to exchange a few jokes. I love the immediacy Twitter enables. I was an early adopter in the higher ed web community, so it has really been a part of my work life for the past four years. Since I also teach the capstone graduate online course on social media marketing campaigns for the MBA in Social Media Marketing at SNHU, I still have to use Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. But my heart definitely belongs to Twitter.

Speaker, consultant and thought leader Eric Stoller agrees:

Twitter is the most versatile social network in my life. It's my channel for connection-making, networking, sharing, learning, promoting, giving and socializing. Google+ and Facebook are definitely useful, but I am on Twitter far more often than I am on any other social media channel.

If you are new to Twitter or are just looking to find like minds in the higher education space, you’ll want to get acquainted with these hashtags. Looking for a way to archive tweets so you can search them later? Try this recipe from IFTTT.


This has become a catch-all for higher education, but it’s worth saving this search. You’ll definitely find interesting people to follow, including some of our must-read bloggers, who you can find on Twitter, here.


Colleges are moving more and more of their courses and coursework to the web. Follow the technology that makes it possible. Also check out #eLearning.


Not just the magazine but also a collection of technology tips and resources from some of the best tech minds on the web. A must-follow for all higher education techies. 


Mobile has arrived on campus and on Twitter. More than half of undergraduate college students own a smartphone, giving them access to school resources if they are provided. Also check out #mLearning.


There is a lot of tech talk in the student-affairs world these days, often led by Eric Stoller.


For general education news, don’t skip over this hashtag; there is a constant stream of great information being tweeted.

Check out some of the most popular K–12 technology hashtags and the Twitter directory from Inside Higher Ed.