PolyVision eno mini 2125

Apr 23 2012

PolyVision’s Interactive Whiteboard Goes Mobile

The eno mini 2125 slate turns classroom walls into interactive presentations.

The PolyVision eno mini 2125 is an interactive whiteboard slate that provides mobility for lessons. Instructors can use it with a standard interactive whiteboard or as a standalone connected to a computer and projector with a plain white wall to project images onto.

The mini 2125 runs on Windows and Macintosh platforms. It's a great tool for encouraging student engagement by supporting collaborative discussions and increasing interactivity. The product costs about $400 and includes the slate, a Bluetooth-enabled stylus pen, a Bluetooth radio dongle, two replaceable tips for the stylus, one AAA battery, a PolyVision driver CD and a durable, protective carrying case.

End-User Advantages

Instructors will find the mini 2125 easy to use. The toolbar across the top has icons for four stylus colors, an eraser, three different stroke widths, forward and back presentation page icons, and save and print icons. The slate even has an icon that brings up a QWERTY keyboard. Professors can upload all their own productivity and presentation applications, so there's no need to learn new apps to use the mini 2125.

The slate is sturdy, durable and lightweight, which is ideal for special needs classrooms. It's magnetically treated, so instructors can attach it to a standard-size whiteboard or chalkboard, which keeps it safe and visible. The stylus tips will eventually wear out, but the supplied replacement tips are easy to install.

Why It Works for IT

The mini 2125's surface is made from PolyVision's rugged "ceramicsteel," a vitreous, glassy coating that prevents scratches. The slate is treated with antimicrobial protection to prevent bacteria, fungal growth or germs from collecting on the device.

IT managers will also like that the device uses open architecture. The mini 2125's drivers, which are identical
to those used for the entire eno family of products, are available on PolyVision's website when updates are required. The IT staff can support power users by installing ­PolyVision's educational software, which is included with the product; or by using PolyVision's professional development courses, which provide training on the tools.

30 feet The range of the eno mini 2125, which is the same as standard Bluetooth devices

SOURCE: PolyVision

Another advantage is that the stylus can be paired directly with the user's computer if the computer supports the most common Bluetooth stacks, such as Apple, Microsoft, BlueSoleil, Widcomm, Broadcom or Toshiba.


Because most college classes have at least 25 people, it would be great if the mini 2125 supported more than three simultaneous users. On the other hand, the workaround is to use multiple mini slates and break the class into groups that focus on different lesson plans.