Feb 07 2012

3 Useful Tablet Deployment Tips

Consider these three tips for rolling tablets out at your campus.

Prepare for unexpected uses. “Students use these things so creatively, in ways I would have never thought of,” says Seton Hall University’s Paul E. Fisher Jr., associate CIO and the director of SHU’s Teaching, Learning and Technology Center. Recently he watched a student hold his tablet to the eye of his microscope and snap a photo of the image there.

Consider the glare factor. South Dakota State University’s Shouhong Zhang notes that Fujitsu’s Stylistic Q550 earned points with faculty for brightness without a harsh glare, which can be distracting in a darkened classroom.

Think about building safety reviews into application access. Closely collaborating with faculty and students in the sciences, Fisher and his team are developing a scenario in which a student logs in to the network, chooses an appropriate application and is taken step by step through vital safety procedures before beginning a lab assignment.

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