Feb 09 2007

Need Data? Feed Your Technology Budget

Use Technology to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Competition for students is driving higher-education officials to use data-driven decision-making – and that's going to require a greater investment in technology at colleges and universities.

That's the key finding of “Higher Education Survey on Leadership, Innovation and Technology 2006,” a December study from Eduventures.*

Academic and information technology officials in higher education view their five most critical strategic objectives as:

  • Improving retention rates
  • Improving student learning outcomes
  • Attracting/retaining faculty
  • Improving use of data for strategic decision support
  • Improving fund raising

Investing more in technology is considered critical if colleges and universities are going to leverage information for more data-driven decision-making. Senior administrators surveyed say the effort will require more investment in three technology budget categories: academics, administration and infrastructure. Of those surveyed:

  • Almost all anticipate technology spending at their institutions to increase.
  • One-third expect their IT budgets to grow by more than 5 percent.
  • Roughly one-quarter expect a budget increase of greater than 5 percent for administrative and infrastructure technologies.

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