May 28 2012

How to Plan a Better Network Upgrade

These four tips can ease the process for network administrators looking to make improvements.

Networking manufacturers are stepping up to the BYOD challenge, offering equipment that includes larger and faster backbones, unified management and enhanced or integrated security.

Bob Laliberte, senior analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group, offers four suggestions when planning a network upgrade.

  • Unify the wired and wireless networks, even the data center. The idea is to offer a complete view, from the applications to the end users.
  • Develop the best deployment approach for your environment and budget. Consider whether you can afford to rip and replace, or use a phased strategy.
  • Start with something small that quickly demonstrates value. This helps garner continued support and budget approval as you move on to the more challenging areas.
  • Ensure your management tools support new protocols when moving to 10 Gigabit Ethernet or higher. If not, upgrade those tools as well.