May 22 2013

Visualizing Next-Generation Virtual Reality in Chicago

How the Electronic Visualization Laboratory made CAVE2 a premier R&D and teaching destination.

Participants: Jason Leigh, Ph.D., Andy Johnson, Ph.D. and Arthur Nishimoto of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Computer Science Department and Electronic Visualization Laboratory, and David Hofman, Ph.D., of UIC’s Physics Department

Video Highlights

  • EVL invented and patented the original CAVE, which was projection-based, in 1992.
  • In the late 2000s, a team of UIC students, faculty and EVL staff began developing CAVE2, a Hybrid Reality Environment that allows large teams to work with 2D and 3D content at an extremely high resolution.
  • EVL worked with Planar Systems to custom develop the 3D LCD screens that comprise CAVE2, which was completed in October 2012. Several departments on campus, as well as outside researchers, are using or have expressed interest in using CAVE2 in their instruction.