May 29 2012

How F.I.T. Aviation Streamlined Its Data Center

Read more about how F.I.T. Aviation is using Cisco’s Unified Computing System.

  • Although highly beneficial, F.I.T. Aviation’s multiyear data center virtualization and consolidation project and dynamic computing environment had created network bottlenecks, performance lapses and other frustrations for the IT department, faculty, students and staff.
  • The Cisco Unified Computing System is like a grocery store, integrating compute, network, storage and virtualization functionality in a unified fabric.
  • Cisco UCS helps F.I.T. Aviation maximize its virtualized environment; alleviate data center management headaches; and improve IT operations, network performance and the end-user experience.
Participants: Hilary Schrey, Dan Parnell, Richard Donaldson, Michaela Sarver and Greg Reverdiau — all of F.I.T. Aviation