Nov 02 2020

EDUCAUSE 2020: Cisco Webex Classrooms Integrate the Online Experience

As higher education has shifted among remote, in-person and hybrid learning experiences this year, many leaders believe flexible learning environments are here to stay. To that end, Cisco this fall debuted Webex Classrooms, a collaboration platform that can provide learning management system functionality or integrate with an existing LMS. To facilitate on-campus learning, Cisco's DNA Spaces uses network-based location analytics to provide insight into networked devices for a variety of use cases.

Cisco Global Director of Education and Healthcare Renee Patton shares details on these solutions and how they align with the trend toward hybrid learning.

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    • Renee Patton, Global Director of Education and Healthcare, Cisco

Video Highlights

  • Cisco's newest evolution of Webex is Webex Classrooms, a collaboration platform that provides a secure, integrated online learning experience and can integrate with a variety of learning management systems.
  • Webex Classrooms is designed to be user friendly, thereby supporting faculty in their teaching activities, and to facilitate connections and collaboration among students and instructors.
  • Cisco's DNA Spaces offers single-pane-of-glass visibility into devices on the network, supporting safe campus reopening by making it easier to monitor and manage location density.