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The annual EDUCAUSE 2011 conference is the most popular event in higher education IT. The conference offers a broad array of professional learning and collaborative networking opportunities. Few events offer such a chance for IT managers at colleges and universities to meet and learn from their peers from all over the country and internationally as well.

EDUCAUSE 2011 attendees will have access to more than 400 sessions, including keynote addresses from prominent thought leaders in educational IT and hands-on presentations from college IT managers. The conference offers a variety of formats: Technology Solutions Presentations, Market Research Night, Corporate Workshops and Discussion Sessions.

More than 260 exhibitors from leading technology companies will be on hand to showcase their latest products, many of them geared for the higher education market.

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Opening Session

Change Agents

Seth Godin has made a name for himself by making things happen. In his latest book, Poke the Box, the author, blogger, entrepreneur and public speaker urges readers to take the initiative to take control of their own lives.

He’s lived the mantra by writing 13 books that focus on the ways people think about marketing, change and work and by founding dozens of (both successful and not-so-successful) companies, including Squidoo, a community site that allows users to self-publish pages on subjects of personal interest, and, more recently, The Domino Project, a publishing initiative powered by Amazon.

Godin opened this year’s EDUCAUSE conference, where the “best thinking in higher education IT” happens, with this bold statement: “I’m not interested in what’s next. What really matters is right now.” He also told attendees gathered at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia that the “College–Industrial Complex” needs changing and that it’s up to educators to do it.

“You may not like this,” he said, “but public school was invented to create compliant, conforming...

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Wild for Wireless


@EDUCAUSE: Campuses push wireless access far, wide — and deep.

Security for All

In the high-ed environment that combines employees and students, cybersecurity efforts take on a unique dynamic. >>Watch the video

Slow Moving Clouds

Is talk cheap when it comes to the cloud? Some campuses are actively migrating, but many are cautious. >>Watch the video

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