Precision cooling saves university space, energy and money

  In This Issue: Power and Cooling

University Saves by Rethinking its Data Center
Data Center Cooling Containment Maximizes Efficiency
Optimize Your Private Cloud with These DCIM Tips
Review of the Tripp Lite SNMP Web Card

March 2012  

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Rethinking the Data Center

To deal with a need for more space in its data center, the University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering reconfigured its servers and implemented a row-based precision cooling system.


Tech Trends  

Stay Cool in the Data Center

When Georgia Tech's data centers grew hotter than their air-conditioning units could handle, the university implemented hot- and cold-aisle containment systems. The result: more efficient cooling that meets the data centers' needs with room to grow.

Tech Tips  

Five Tips for Optimizing a Private Cloud Using DCIM

As organizations adopt cloud computing, data center infrastructure management tools become critical for ensuring uptime and continuity of operations. These five DCIM tips will help organizations get the most out of their private clouds.

Product Review  

Tripp Lite SNMP Web Card for Remote UPS Management

Tripp Lite's SNMP Web Card lets network users operate UPSs as managed devices on the network.


In Case You Missed It

Go inside the IlliniCloud with the leaders who made it a reality. EdTech's March 7th webinar can be viewed at your convenience. Find out how.

Reference Guide

Data Center Optimization: Bringing efficiency and improved services to the infrastructure

ASCUE 2012

June 10-14: N. Myrtle Beach, S.C. Click here for conference details

The Red Report

Reducing inefficiencies with effective power and cooling: A complete power and cooling strategy is necessary to keep data center costs down. With the right solutions in place, you can better control your climate and your budget.



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