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UPTIME: University Improves Reliability
POWER MANAGEMENT: Boost Energy Efficiency
METRICS: How to Calculate PUE
REVIEW: Raritan Power IQ Virtual Appliance

January 11, 2011  

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Case Study  

Power Shift
William Woods University increases uptime with new UPS systems

After a bolt of lightning knocked out William Woods University's UPS units, the institution created a new server room and installed a three-phase Eaton BladeUPS Power System.

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Tech Trends  

Expediting Uptime
Centralized monitoring of power devices eases management

Georgetown University and Flagler College use power management tools to monitor UPS devices. This software can give IT departments more granular control over energy use and related costs and insight into environmental conditions.

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Tech Tips  

Do The Math
Calculate the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric

Intended to help administrators improve data center efficiency, PUE is the ratio of total power into the data center to power used by IT. A rating below 2 is highly effective; above 3, and there are bigger problems than the IT gear.

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Product Review  

Raritan Power IQ
Power management software generates useful analytics

Any institution that needs hard numbers on data center power consumption for billing or energy conservation purposes should check out the Raritan Power IQ 2.1 virtual appliance.

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Tech Tips  

Keep Your Cool
Getting data center cooling just right

IT staff often end up implementing excess cooling which wastes energy, but the Green Grid consortium shares seven strategies to optimize cooling in the data center and boost energy efficiency.

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Reference Guide

Continuity of Operations: Keeping your resources highly available

White Paper

Green IT Practices: How institutions can become more efficient, reduce costs and go green


Small Steps: Saint Xavier University slashes electricity costs with in-rack cooling and a new UPS

Power Up: Colleges deploy UPS systems to guard against outages

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