In This Issue: Focus on Desktop Lifecycle Management

TIME TO SPARE: The Merits of Lifecycle Management
ASSET MANAGEMENT: Taking Control of IT Investments
STRETCHING RESOURCES: Making the Most of Older PCs
PINT-SIZE POWER: HP's Z200 SFF Workstation

October 5, 2010  

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Time Is Money
Lifecycle management boosts productivity, reduces costs

A comprehensive technology lifecycle management strategy helped Saint Louis University's IT team get a handle on the campus's sprawling device landscape and wring out efficiencies across its desktop purchasing, deployment and support programs.

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Tech Trends  

Taking Control
Asset management systems improve performance, reduce costs of IT resources

Identifying and monitoring a college or university's installed hardware and software isn't as straightforward as it might seem. Managing the task manually can be labor-intensive, making it a less-than-desirable day-to-day strategy. Integrated asset management solutions help campuses monitor and optimize their IT resources for improved performance and control, increased accountability and reduced costs.

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Tech Tips  

Stretching Aging Resources
Tips for making the most of older PCs

When budgets are tight, institutions often must make do with what they have. IT managers can extend the lifecycle of existing resources (and boost performance in the process) by employing such cost-saving strategies as virtualizing whenever possible and shedding nonessential programs.

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Product Review  

HP's Z200 SFF Workstation
This device is short on size, long on performance

With the Z200 Small Form Factor workstation, HP packs the processing and graphics muscle of a high-end workstation into a significantly smaller footprint. The device delivers a price/performance ratio on par with or exceeding that of other, more expensive models.

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Live Reporting from EDUCAUSE 2010

Go behind the scenes of the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. Our coverage includes video interviews and blog posts reported live from the show.

White Paper

Enterprise Content and Document Management in Higher Education: Goals, options and best practices

Reference Guides

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Best Practices

Network Management Checklist: Tips for managing IT and network resources in today's challenging campus environment

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