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July 6, 2010  

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Case Study  

University Boosts Wireless
Network covers 1 million square feet at Wisconsin-Parkside

University of Wisconsin-Parkside builds a new wireless network to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff on the move. The network is based on Cisco gear and spans the Kenosha, Wis., campus.

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Tech Trends  

Mobile Thin Clients
Devices save money and increase security

Mobile thin clients will give English professors at Iowa State University the flexibility to hold classes wherever they want without the cost of putting a machine on every desk. The English department plans to purchase roughly 30 machines that it will store on a cart and wheel between rooms.

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Tech Watch  

Windows Phone 7
Five ways to benefit from Microsoft's new smartphone platform

Windows Phone 7 is coming later this year, and organizations that have Microsoft Office deployed and use Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint will want to know about its new and enhanced features. Here are five ways organizations can benefit from Microsoft's new smartphone platform.

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Product Review  

Sony's Premium Notebook
These units pack the punch busy mobile workers need

The Vaio Z-Series units put a premium on portability without sacrificing performance. With native 1600x900 resolution and a lightweight, thin LCD screen, the Z-Series both looks cool and gets work done. Check out the unit's sleek design–typing is easier than ever.

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Tech Tips  

Managing Mobile Encryption
Tips for locking down a fleet of mobile devices

Organizations that want to encrypt mobile data should take a close look at these five tips. Start by deploying comprehensive, centrally managed security software that will work on as many platforms as possible. Opting for full-disk encryption is also important.

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White Papers

Mobile Computing Security: Read up on how to protect devices roaming on the perimeter.

Wireless Networking: Helpful information and practical strategies for planning, setting up and running your institution's wireless network.

Product Review

Samsung's Handy N150: This lightweight netbook is long on battery life and perfect for mobile workers running basic computer apps.

Reference Guide

One-to-One Computing Reference Guide: Read up on proven strategies and pertinent examples for operating a one-to-one computing program on your campus.

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