In This Issue: Focus on Server Virtualization

VIRTUAL SERVERS: Colleges cut costs, go green >
LOAD BALANCERS: Manage with a mix of devices >
MICROSOFT HYPER-V: Improving host performance >
SYMANTEC BACKUP EXEC: Run virtual backups >

April 6, 2010  

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Case Study  

Key Considerations for Virtualization
Ask these 5 questions before moving forward with virtualization

After combining virtualization and SAN technology, Pima County Community College District in Tucson, Ariz., finds that time once spent procuring, provisioning and maintaining hardware is now spent providing support to students, faculty and staff.

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Tech Trends  

Load Balancers
Devices manage traffic in virtual environments

IT managers deploying virtual servers use a mix of physical and virtual load balancers to manage network traffic.

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Tech Tips  

Managing Servers Hosting Hyper-V
3 tips for fine-tuning hosts

How well your Hyper-V host machine performs depends on the underlying physical hardware upon which the hypervisor resides and how this hardware is configured. Read how to more effectively manage Microsoft's virtualization platform.

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Product Review  

Symantec Backup Exec Agent for VMware
Software lets IT back up to SAN, tape or disk

Symantec Backup Exec Agent for VMware lets IT managers run backups in a VMware environment.

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Virtualization Paves the Way
A Georgia college upgrades its desktops using server virtualization

Heart of Georgia Technical College turns to server virtualization to solve its desktop issues.

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White Papers

Virtualization and Optimization: Learn how these popular go-to approaches can reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Higher Education Server Virtualization: This white paper explores the role of virtual machines, new server installations and different virtualization models and options.

Case Study

A Virtual Success: DePaul University turns to server virtualization to meet its data-center demands.

Reference Guide

Virtualization and Infrastructure Optimization Reference Guide: These strategies and tips can help you make the most of virtualization and infrastructure optimization technologies.

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