Feb 02 2018

Students Put Networks at Risk, Research Finds

A new report indicates that students might be compromising school networks.

A recent report from CDW•G demonstrates the need for institutions to continue to bang the drum about security awareness to ensure users are equally vested in safeguarding data. The findings show that 76 percent of students admit to engaging in risky behavior while ­connected to their institution’s network.

The infographic report, "Securing Higher Education – It Takes Two" found the following:

  • 17 percent help nonapproved individuals connect to the network
  • 57 percent use public Wi-Fi
  • 21 percent visit risky or questionable websites
  • 13 percent open messages from unknown senders

The most common breaches in higher education are caused by malware, phishing attempts and distributed denial of service attacks. Overall, higher ed IT leaders indicate that the number one security challenge is educating users on security best practices.

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