Dec 30 2013

19 Videos That Tell the Story of Higher Education Technology in 2013

Check out these case studies and interviews to learn more about the most important trends of the year.

A Look at Cuyahoga's Phased Network Refresh

A powerful network lays the foundation for enhanced classroom learning, multicampus wireless access and BYOD.

Technology Powers Pac-12's Broadcast Network

A high-speed data network provides the backbone that gives Pac-12 Networks an edge on the competition. Read more here.

PeachNet Expands Tech Offerings to Georgia Colleges

The University System of Georgia offers community cloud and virtual data center services. Read more here.

Visualizing Next-Generation Virtual Reality in Chicago

How the Electronic Visualization Laboratory made CAVE2 a premier R&D and teaching destination.


Security SOPs for the Cyber Era

In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, higher ed IT leaders reflect on what works for — and worries — them.

Cloud Control

The cloud isn't a panacea, but it does have value if it's leveraged strategically.

If Money Were No Object ...

Which emerging technology or existing solution would IT leaders fight to implement at their institutions?

Learning 2.0

Campuses have moved far beyond the "sage on the stage" instructional model. Here's how IT leaders are keeping pace.

The Boons and Banes of the Mobility Age

Mobile computing presents both challenges and opportunities for campus users. How does IT navigate them?

If I Knew Then What I Know Now ...

Which IT trend or process do higher ed IT leaders wish they had embraced sooner?

other people's videos

Sign of the Apocalypse: UC Irvine Launches “The Walking Dead” MOOC

What happens when higher education and Hollywood team up? Read the story here.

How Andrew Vanden Heuvel Is Revolutionizing Education

Find out what this Google Glass Explorer and online science teacher thinks about online learning and the future of education. Read the story here.

5 Commencement Addresses from Technologists

Technology leaders offer insight to 2013 college graduates. Watch all five here.

7 TED-Ed Videos About Technology

“Lessons Worth Sharing” blaze new trail for professors and students. Watch all seven here.

College Students Buy Lunch with Their Fingertips

Read more about it here.

An Important Message from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln: #YOLO

Gamification, hilarious YouTube videos and the best higher education blogs on Earth. Don't miss the rest.

Chromebooks: These Thin Clients Will Have a Big Impact on Education

Read more about the Chromebook Pixel here.

What Does the Future of Wearable Tech Look (and Feel) Like?

A glimpse at the amazing technology of the future. Read more here.

MIT Reinvented the Wheel to Make Cities More Efficient and Sustainable

The Copenhagen Wheel collects valuable data and powers cyclists with its small motor.