Jun 28 2013

Google Glass in a Classroom? It’s True, and Very Cool

Here’s a roundup of the best higher ed stories this week.

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“Students Taking Online Courses Jumps 96 Percent over 5 Years”

That’s really impressive but not necessarily surprising. The 2013 College Explorer is loaded with great information. Here are a few other numbers that stood out:

  • 85 percent of college students own laptops
  • 73 percent of college students use smartphones for games (Editor’s note: This sounds like an opportunity!)
  • Most college students take notes with a pen and paper
  • The most popular social networks on campus are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Read more on Campus Technology.

Finally, Google Glass in the Classroom

Our friends at EdTech: Focus on K–12 have been at ISTE 2013 this week. They interviewed a high school teacher about his use of Google Glass in the classroom and STEM’s role in a 21st-century classroom.

The Best of EdTech

If you missed anything from EdTech this week, you missed a lot. Here are some of the best stories we published:

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