Oct 01 2012

The Big Picture on Big Data’s Place in Higher Education

What are the benefits and the risks associated with big data?

If you are like most professionals in higher education, big data is a murky topic. On the one hand, you can leverage the information for purposes ranging from course selection to marketing. On the other hand, analyzing big data is expensive and difficult, not to mention loaded with security risks.

Regardless of your opinion, it’s a topic that won’t be going away anytime soon. Cisco’s Carlos Dominguez has big expectations for big data in a world connected by devices and networks:

We are early in the early stages of evolution for data in motion and the impact it will have on all of us. But it is clear that the more knowledge we have, based on meaningful information, pulled from a variety of data sources, the more wisdom we can gain and apply. It will profoundly change the world.

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If you are looking to add to your depth of knowledge on big data, here are some of the resources we’ve provided. You’ll get a taste of the good, the bad and the future. 

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