Aug 15 2012

Social Media Has Finally Arrived as a Student-Engagement Tool [Infographic]

How one startup is helping students connect with social media.

There will never be another freshman college class that isn’t already deeply involved in social media, for better or for worse. Inigral, creators of the private Facebook platform Schools App, is trying to use the social phenomenon for good. Remember the old days of Facebook, when you had to have a dot-edu e-mail address to join? Inigral is taking us back to those days. They have built a private, invite-only Facebook app that lets students from the same school connect and discuss issues that are pertinent to them specifically. The most common questions asked and answered on Schools App relate to exclusive issues, such as housing and majors.

Since college students are such avid users of Facebook anyway, it makes perfect sense for them to use a website they are already comfortable with to learn more about their school. The infographic below shows just how comfortable students are; they have adopted Schools App very quickly and enthusiastically.

Social Media Infographic

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