Jul 06 2012

Rafter Teams Up with HubEdu to Lower Cost of Higher Education

Cloud-based and campus-based book rental stores save students money.

Just last week, we learned that UniversityNow received enough funding to make them a real force in online higher education. Their goal is to completely change the model, and they have even launched their own online school. Rafter, on the other hand, is trying to improve the current model.

Who is Rafter, and what do they do?

The future of educational content looks like nothing we know. It's a place where access is more important than ownership, where students achieve success because the exact resources they need are within reach. Rafter is a framework for this new space.

Rafter is technology applied to solve one of the most pressing issues of our day — the affordability, accessibility and effectiveness of higher education. We make cloud based software that helps schools dramatically lower the cost of education, starting with course materials.

Read more here, and watch the video below.

One of Rafter’s most popular services provides schools with a branded online store where students can rent textbooks. With the understanding that this a strong market for both students and schools, Rafter recently acquired HubEdu in an effort to make their offering more robust. So who is HubEdu, and what do they do?

To help stores better compete with online merchants, HubEdu provides a detailed inventory analytics system which optimizes in-store pricing with no sacrifice to overall store margin. Further, detailed tracking systems help stores view student specific purchase behavior in an effort to better understand and monetize students.

Read more about HubEdu.

With the help of HubEdu’s analytics suite, Rafter is poised to offer colleges cloud-based and campus-based bookstores where students can get books for significantly less. Considering that up to 70 percent of students say they don’t always buy textbooks because the cost is too high, we should be paying close attention. Learn more about Rafter in the video below:

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