Sep 29 2020

Manage Your Cloud Security Posture Effectively

Organizations across industries are deploying new cloud services almost daily. Whether they’re choosing a cloud infrastructure provider for the deployment of large-scale cloud data centers or selecting a Software as a Service provider for payroll processing, each of these decisions alters the organization’s cloud security posture. The adoption of a new service creates new risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data, and cybersecurity professionals must adapt quickly to manage these risks.

Cloud security posture management (CSPM) tools are designed to help cybersecurity professionals identify and manage these risks. They reach directly into cloud solutions to analyze configurations and detect potential security issues before an incident occurs, allowing cybersecurity teams to track their risk mitigation efforts and rapidly identify new vulnerabilities when they arise.

Top-tier CSPM solutions share several key features. First and foremost, they must integrate directly with the cloud services that are most important to an organization. They then provide the ability to build an inventory of cloud configurations and map the current status of those configurations to security control frameworks and regulatory standards adopted by the organization. CSPM solutions support the DevOps model by providing automation capabilities that facilitate the prompt remediation of detected issues.

As organizations adopt an increasing number of cloud services, identifying the CSPM tool that best meets their needs is essential.

Learn more by downloading our white paper: "Manage Your Cloud Security Posture Effectively"

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